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E&M Profile Analyzer

Are you at risk for an audit?

Identify Audit Risk and Revenue Opportunity

KZA’s E&M Profile Analyzer* compares E&M coding patterns against your specialty’s state and national figures using CMS’ most recently published claims database. In addition to the easy-to-use graphical output, the product now boasts a Dollar Risk/Opportunity worksheet using your specific locality and carrier information to create a hypothetical model depicting monetary risk or opportunity (in an undercoding situation). The Analyzer now affords you a mathematical, graphical and monetary presentation of your output; so no matter what your preference, this product has it all!

Use this tool to run analysis on your practice, individual physicians, or compare groups of physicians with similar patient profiles. Simply input your data into one or two sheets (determined by what kind of analysis you’re doing) and hit the “Enter” key and you’re done.

The E&M Profile Analyzer is a perfect tool to add to your compliance plan. For example, once specific overcoding/undercoding issues are identified and after appropriate education has occurred, run the reports again to measure the effectiveness of your efforts. You can reuse the tool throughout the year.

The E&M Profile Analyzer is available by state for $150 or $240 for two states. For orders of more than two states or multiple specialties, email us at productorders@karenzupko.com, or call (312) 642.5616.

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"I love this analyzer! Best $150 I've spent in awhile."
William J. Harb, MD
Colorectal Surgeon
Cumberland Surgical Associates, PLC

KZA offers E&M Analyzers for many other specialites on a special order basis. These cost no more and are usually available in 2-3 days.

Specialites such as:

Hand Surgery
Pain Management
Vascular Surgery

Can easily be accommodated, email productorders@karenzupko.com to request more information or to order.

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