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Successfully Talking With Patients About Money

Setting the Stage: Creating the Environment for Success

Success Skills for Any Situation

  • Explaining terminology effectively
  • Conveying confidence
  • Using personalization to win patients over
  • Documenting payment information

Scheduling Patient Visits

Successfully Asking for Payment at Time of Service

  • Starting out with the patient’s first visit
  • Handling subsequent patient visits

Working with Patients’ Insurance Plans

Successfully Handling Insurance Issues

  • When the practice doesn’t participate with the patient’s insurance
  • When the patient owes a regular co-pay
  • When the patient has a large unmet deductible and co-pay
  • When the patient is being treated or receiving an uncovered service

Encouraging Patients to Pay

Successfully Discussing Money with Patients

  • When the patient owes a prior balance
  • When the patient has no insurance
  • When the patient can only pay a portion of amount due

Handling Difficult Patients

Successfully Interacting with Uncooperative Patients

  • When the patient becomes angry, hostile or abusive
  • Using empathy to gain positive patient responses
  • Expressing cooperation and gratitude to patients

This 59 minute audio program provides staff with valuable training and examples in becoming comfortable when speaking to patients about money.

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