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Practice Management Idea Box

Ideas that help you manage

Financial Reporting
Learn to monitor key financial indicators with KZA's helpful sample form.
Fidelity bonds protect when financial policies fail.
Are you charging your patients interest?
Set fees to maximize reimbursement
Coding and Compliance
Looking for assistance with your coding and documentation KZA's Hourly Coding Consulting services may be for you.
Kick-start your compliance plan and risk management efforts by evaluating coding patterns and documentation.
How to find and retain superstar staff!
Learn to write effective job descriptions.
Staff and management training tools on the web.
Update your staff when changing office policies.
AR and Reimbursement
Obtaining a signed ABN (Advance Beneficiary Notice) can mean the difference between being able to collect on services Medicare deems "not medically necessary"--or not.
Ditch the In-Box and Get Control of Paper! Use these tips to de-clutter and get organized.
How are your referral relationships? Use these proven tips to strengthen rapport and increase referral volume.
HIPAA Tip: Get Rolling on Policies and Forms

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