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10 Elements of Effective Job Descriptions

Compliance Compliance plans and HIPAA both require practices to review their job descriptions. When was the last time you reviewed yours? Do you even have written job descriptions?

Whether you need to update your descriptions, or create them for the first time, be sure each includes the following components:

  1. Position title.

  2. Position to which the position reports.

  3. Summary of the position's overall duties.

  4. Required and/or preferred educational level.

  5. Required and/or preferred experience and qualifications.

  6. Heading that allows managerial flexibility. For example, begin the list of tasks with the statement, "Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:"

  7. A bulleted or numbered listing of the key duties for the position. Each duty should begin with an action word (i.e. Evaluates, Schedules, Manages).

  8. (If applicable) subheadings to describe various areas of the job (i.e., Daily Duties, Reimbursement Responsibilities, Supervisory Responsibilities).

  9. Description of supervisory responsibilities, if applicable.

  10. Language that supports Americans With Disabilities Act statues. (Ask your attorney if your practice is required to include this same language.) Save Time and Money!

Save Time and Money!

KZA's Job Descriptions on CD-ROM provides more than 30 detailed job descriptions that follow these criteria.

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