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Our seasoned speakers have taught tens of thousands of physicians and their managers how to decipher the complex business problems they face every day. KZA speakers use interactivity, case studies, and real-life examples from the firm's consulting practice to illustrate key points. Practical solutions and easy-to-implement advice are the mainstay of these upbeat courses.

On-Site Coding and Documentation Training
Educational coding, documentation, and reimbursement workshops for physicians and staff--right in your own conference room or home town! Workshops can be customized to the specialty and individual needs of the group.
Neurosurgery Coding Workshops for Practices

When there is a large number of surgeons and staff who need education, whether to improve reimbursement or for their compliance plan,  it is effective to have an onsite workshop.   Onsite education is often scheduled after the practice engages us to audit their E & M and surgical case coding.   Practice cases are then incorporated to illustrate key points.  Other practices, prefer to utilize the agenda for a full day-or 6 hour program without an audit.   Either way, you’ll learn how to code neurosurgical cases correctly!

For information on the workshops, KZA presents in cooperation with AANS click here:

2015 Coding and Reimbursement Update for Neuroendovascular Surgeons

New for 2015! If you find yourself  challenged by Neuroendovascular coding, let the professionals at KZA help you make it easier.

We’ve developed a special four hour program that focuses on these state of the art procedures.

The agenda outlines the content.Your practice may choose to customize the training further.  Our workbooks serve as a great ongoing reference and education document. 

Plugging Revenue Leaks and Maximizing Practice Profits
Understand how to plug the seemingly "small" leaks that plague every practice, and effectively analyze financial statements and accounts receivable reports.
Money Walks and Money Talks: Audit Controls
This year, we’ve been invited to work with multiple practices that have more cash control problems than a math book! Yikes! What was the doctor thinking? What was the accountant looking at? Well, sadly, the truth is not the right thing.
Point of Service Collections: What You Need to Do Now!
If the practice saw the same number of patients, did the same number of treatments and procedures in 2009 as they did in 2008, the economic result will not be the same. Why?
Calming the Chaos of Information Overload: Time Management for the 21st Century
‘Email jail’ got you down? Can’t remember where you saved that document? Looking for a better way to manage your professional news and reference tools?
Technology Diagnostic: Give Your Practice a ‘Tech-Up’
You’ve got a practice management system and a website, a few of the physicians capably use PDRs, and now Dr. New is prodding the group to evaluate EMRs and some new-fangled collaboration software.
Building a Solid Office Team
This session is designed to provide some practical and constructive tools to improve the quality of teamwork in your practice. In addition to exploring the characteristics of high-functioning teams, we will identify a process that keeps team members all “rowing in the same direction”.
Change Management
Whether it is onboarding a new physician, implementing EMR, instituting a pre-surgical financial counseling and collections process, or merging with another practice, it is organizational change. In our modern times, initiated from within the practice or externally, organizational change should be seen as a given and as constant. Studies show, however, that 70% of the population is “uncomfortable” with change.
Managing the Relationship With Your Boss
Improve your managerial effectiveness by evaluating the relationship with your boss, and learning to capitalize on your combined strengths.
Understanding Personal Styles: The Key to Improving Communication
The DiSC Personal Profile is a well respected and accurate assessment instrument based on four primary communication styles that characterize the general population. This tool allows you to put on a new set of “lenses” to view people through, promoting a greater appreciation of the strengths and differences each style brings.
Leadership Core Competencies; Becoming a More Effective Manager
This lively and interactive session will explore the myths and methods of: delegation, providing feedback, developing employee productivity, motivating people and communication, all the while reinforcing your role as a contemporary leader within your practice organization.
10 Steps to Developing a Disaster Plan for Your Practice
Who knew the building foundation would crumble in a rainstorm and short out the practice’s entire telecomm system? Who knew three hurricanes would cross the center of Florida within a month, leaving the practice without power or running water for weeks?
Saving Some Green by Going Green
As global temperatures rise and the price of oil hits new highs, many companies are rethinking the way they do business; physician practices are no exception to the rule. Why? Saving energy and resources cut expenses. And a healthier business environment can reduce sick days and decrease turnover.

Program lengths range from one hour to full-day workshops. Contact our Practice Management Programs Manager for more information. We will work with the specifics of your audience, content requirements, and budgetary needs to design and deliver a superior program.

If your specialty society, hospital, pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturer is looking for an educational program that will capture and keep the attention of physicians and those who manage them, KZA workshops and presentations are the right choice!

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"Thank you for once again giving our attendees the very best lecture in orthopaedic coding.  This is another successful meeting for The Pennsylvania Orthopaedic Society and  its’ members and we appreciate the knowledge and expertise you and KarenZupko Associates continue to provide."

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