0334T or 27096?


January 9, 2014


Could you please help with some confusion that happening as a result of the alert regarding 0334T, the Category III code that became effective for use July 1, 2013. Our doctors have been doing sacroiliac joint injections for Sacroiliitis and we have been reporting these injections as 27096 if fluoroscopic guidance is used or 20552 if fluoroscopic guidance is not used. However, now there is some question as to which code to use-27096 or 0334T.


Thanks for your inquiry and for subscribing to the KZA Alerts! The new Category III code, 0334T describes an arthrodesis (fusion) procedure for stabilization not an injection (27096) for pain management related services. 0334T does include the term “percutaneous” but it relates to the approach for the arthrodesis. Please continue to report the SI joint injections as you have been, 27096 if fluoroscopic imaging is used; 20552 if no image guidance. Reserve reporting the Category III code, 0334T, for instances when the physician performs a SI joint arthrodesis via a minimally invasive or percutaneous approach.