Month: January 2015


Seven Surefire Ways to Start a Nonphysician Practitioner Off Right

The Journal of Medical Practice Management – January/February 2015 by Cheryl Toth, MBA With the proper planning and preparation, nonphysician practitioners (NPPs) can improve physician productivity and increase patient access to the practice. A thorough training and orientation program is vital to optimizing the effectiveness and retention of an NPP. An organized approach to understanding...


Going Cosmetic: Keep Patients for Life!

The Association of Dermatology Administrators & Managers Newsletter by Glenn Morley You’ve made the strategic shift toward increasing cosmetic lines of service. You’ve developed a solid infrastructure to support your vision. The final and most important philosophy to adopt as you build a cosmetic dermatology practice is this: when you acquire a cosmetic patient, make...


Colectomy Coding

A general surgeon asked me to assist in a colectomy where he had inadvertently nicked a mesenteric artery. I entered the case and did a direct repair of the artery. Should I bill as his assistant or co-surgeon and what modifier should I use?


Ear Canal Debridement…Again

What CPT code would I use for a debridement of purulent debris from the ear canal, with or without placement of a wick in, such as when the patient has Swimmer’s ear? One of my colleagues told me he bills cerumen removal (69210) because there is always a little bit of cerumen mixed in the debris. I thought I’d better check on that.


Epidermal Cyst

I have a question and was hoping you could give me some insight on it. When coding for a lesion/mass excision removal I know that you code by the size and the location of the lesion/mass but when it comes to depth I am a little confused.


Co-Surgery Modifier (62) on Spinal Instrumentation

Hi, I have a case where I have two surgeons who did a fusion together. The codes were all billed with modifier 62. The commercial insurance denied for modifier 62 with code 22842. As I research, I realize CPT states modifier 62 is inappropriate with 22842, although I see that CMS payment policy still allows modifier 62 to be paid. As I read the report, I see that each surgeon did distinct parts - one surgeon did the right side while the other did the left pedicle screws/rod placement. Should I appeal the denial?


Weekend Rounding

I have question regarding weekend rounding. I share weekend call with another practice that I am not affiliated with. Sometimes, when rounding, I check on 5-10 of their post–op patients. Since I am not part of their practice, is this something I can bill for? If so, should I bill a consult or a follow-up visit?

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