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I saw your Q&As on billing for weekend rounds – they were very helpful. What if my PA makes rounds on a patient, during the global period, that I operated on? The PA was not involved in the surgery and did not bill as an assistant for the procedure. So can my PA bill for weekend rounds? What if it is my neurosurgeon partner’s PA?


CMS Denials for CPT code 22633 and 63047

We reported CPT code 63047 with 22633 for a laminectomy, facetectomy, foraminotomy at the same level to Medicare. Both service were performed at L4-5 and well documented according to the CPT rules. We received a denial for CPT code 63047 as inclusive and have tried to appeal, but Medicare will not reverse the denial.


Going Cosmetic? Part 2

The Association of Dermatology Administrators & Managers Newsletter by Glenn Morley For physicians who have decided to incorporate cosmetic services into their established dermatology practice, the early planning stages are like a honeymoon. Managers and physicians engage in lively discussion about creating a medical spa or aesthetic center. New skincare lines are road tested by...



We attended a coding course last week (non AAOS/non KZA) and were told that we could only report one unit of 20611 during an office visit because CMS had an MUE of “1” for this code.


Denials of 69990

I get denials on 69990, the microscope code, when I billed it with 22551 (ACDF). I have a few payors that do reimburse but Medicare does not. Should I be using modifier 59 on 69990 to get paid? Please help me appeal these denials.

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