Month: September 2015


Medicare: Debridement Services in the Shoulder

We attend courses and receive education from KZA consistently on orthopaedic coding. Our practice recently hired a new billing manager and she states that the information we have been given is incorrect for Medicare related to arthroscopic debridement services. The billing managers external resource told her that 29822 or 29823 can be reported with other arthroscopic shoulder services as long there is no NCCI edit in place. We are telling the new manager that this is incorrect for Medicare.


ICD-10-CM for Bilateral Conditions

I noticed that the ICD-10 codes for many conditions are specific for right and left. I also noticed that some conditions have a specific code for bilateral. But what if the patient has bilateral disease but there is not a diagnosis code for bilateral? Should I use an unspecified code?


The Cure for Soaring Patient Receivables: 8 Best Practices for Point of Service Collections and Payment Plans

KarenZupko & Associates Inc. – September 2015 by Cheryl Toth, MBA Patient deductibles and financial responsibilities are skyrocketing. According to a 2014 survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 80% of all workers now have annual deductibles, and the average deductible amount has doubled over the last eight years. The study showed that today’s annual deductibles...


Financial Reports and Data Aesthetic Surgeons Need to See

Aesthetic Society News – Winter 2015 by Cheryl Toth, MBA We frequently find that aesthetic surgeons make expensive business decisions based on hunches or staff suggestions instead of data. And when we ask which reports the surgeon reviews each month, we are often told, “the P&L,” if anything. This is often followed by: “I keep...

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