Month: October 2015


Meniscectomy vs. Meniscal Repair

Can you please clarify how to report the following procedure: The surgeon documented medial meniscal repair followed by a medial meniscectomy, both performed in the right leg. There are NCCI edits between the two codes showing 29881 payable and 29882 with a Column 2 edit. Do we code the repair or the meniscectomy since both were performed? The surgeon will be paid more if I report the 29882 if I can only report one code. I am not sure if I can report both codes for the same leg or not?


Infected Knee

Will you please direct this question to Mary LeGrand? I was consulted to evaluate a patient to rule out a septic knee. I saw the patient in the morning and aspirated the joint; the fluid was cloudy and sent to pathology. Later that day I was notified of an increased cell count and decided to take the patient to the OR later that day for an arthrotomy with lavage. My coder is telling me that I cannot bill CPT code 20610 with the arthrotomy because of a Medicare payment edit. This makes no sense to me. Can you advise if I am able to report this aspiration or not?

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