Month: November 2015


Cerumen Removal….Again

I just wanted to verify the guidelines for billing cerumen removal (69210). Before, it needed to state that the cerumen was “impacted” to be able to bill CPT 69210. I was just told that guideline has changed and that anything that goes in the body (I’m thinking like a curette to remove cerumen), even if it is not impacted, is now billable. Is this correct?


ICD-10-CM: Bilateral Procedures

Since the new diagnosis codes for absence of the breast includes one specifically for bilateral, will modifier 50 (bilateral procedure) still be required on the CPT code? For example, for bilateral breast reconstruction with a tissue expander and biologic implant, we will use Z90.13 for acquired absence of bilateral breasts and nipples for the diagnosis code. Will we still need modifier 50 on the CPT codes 19357 and 15777?


The Only Safe SMS Texting Is No SMS Texting

Greenbranch – Nov/Dec 2015 by Cheryl Toth, MBA, and Michael J. Sacopulos, JD Many physicians and practice staff use short messaging service (SMS) text messaging to communicate with patients. But SMS text messaging is unencrypted, insecure, and does not meet HIPAA requirements. In addition, the short and abbreviated nature of text messages creates opportunities for misinterpretation,...

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