Month: December 2015


Cerumen Removal

I was in attendance at the "top ten coding issues" talk that you gave in Dallas at the AAOHNS annual meeting. Great talk, Kim! We spoke regarding CPT 69210 after the session. I just want to confirm that use of magnification is not necessary for this code. My associates insist that 69210 requires using the operative microscope. I realize that simple lavage doesn’t qualify, but I use illumination and instruments and or suction. What is correct?


Are Cast Re-Applications Included in the Global Period?

We are hospital employed and are being told that we cannot bill for cast re-applications in the global period. An article posted in the AAOS coding column tells us that cast re-applications are separately reportable and to append a modifier 58. We also understand that modifier 58 restarts the global period. In my old job, I was told by a billing company that post-op casting was included in the global period and was not payable unless there was a complication with the cast. Is a cast re-application billable in the global period when medically necessary and will the global period re-start?


Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery

We are thinking about starting an endoscopic skull base surgery program and doing skull base procedures via an expanded endonasal/endoscopic approach. I’ve looked in the CPT book for codes and it looks like CPT 61580-61619 are just what I’m looking for. Is this correct?

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