Month: May 2016


Follow-up Cerumen Impact E/M Visit

A new patient only came in for an ear cleaning and I only billed for an ear cleaning (even though I do open a new chart for this patient) because there wasn’t really another diagnosis to support an E/M code. When the same patient comes back for a visit for sinusitis, do I now get to bill a new patient code (9920x)?


Transitional Care Management Codes

We’ve been using the transitional care management codes, 99495-99496, for post-op discharge care (e.g., writing prescriptions, dictating the discharge summary) while the patient is in the hospital after surgery for breast reconstruction or flap reconstruction procedures. Medicare has been denying the codes. Should we appeal these denials?


PA and NP Billing: Are You Doing It Correctly?

PA and NP Billing: Are You Doing It Correctly? – May 2016 by Sarah Wiskerchen, MBA, CPC  The effective use of physician assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioner (NPs) in an orthopaedic practice requires an understanding of key billing rules that apply to these nonphysician providers (NPPs). Compare your practice’s internal procedures to the following common questions...

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