Month: October 2016


Acromioclavicular Joint Billing

When our physician performs an injection into the acromioclavicular (AC) joint of a patient in the office, can we bill 20610 for a large joint arthrocentesis? I say yes because it is in the shoulder, which is listed as an example large joint in the code descriptor.


Removal of Mandibular Interdental Fixation

We did a mandibular fracture repair on a patient (car accident) and placed the interdental fixation as part of the fracture repair. We saw the patient in the office, about 8 weeks postop, for a visit and everything was looking good so we removed the wires/fixation. Is the removal separately billable or included in the global fee?


Assistant Surgeon on CPT 61323

We got a denial for assistant surgery charges by our PA for CPT 61323 with the reason as Medicare disallows. I looked at Medicare’s guidelines and confirmed this. It seems rather odd that they would not pay for assist on brain surgery but routinely do on laminectomies and discectomies. What are your thoughts?


Moh’s Surgery

I am having trouble coding the following situation. A new patient was referred by a general dermatologist to our Moh’s surgeon with a suspicious lesion on the chest. A biopsy had not been previously performed and my surgeon performed a punch biopsy of the lesion, prepared the specimen for frozen section and determined the lesion was positive for basal cell carcinoma of the chest. On the same day he bills 17313 for a one-stage Moh’s procedure on the chest. Can I bill for the biopsy and Moh’s on the same date or is it included in the procedure?

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