Month: October 2016


Removal of Mandibular Interdental Fixation

We did a mandibular fracture repair on a patient (car accident) and placed the interdental fixation as part of the fracture repair. We saw the patient in the office, about 8 weeks postop, for a visit and everything was looking good so we removed the wires/fixation. Is the removal separately billable or included in the global fee?


Traumatic Fracture Recovery Coding

Our PM&R physician admitted a patient to inpatient rehabilitation from the acute care hospital after having surgery for a traumatic fracture of the right femur for debility and gait training. I found a code for the fracture of the femur S72.91XA or should I use Z47.89 for aftercare? Which code should I use?


Don’t Be Intimidated by ICD-10-CM Changes

Don’t Be Intimidated by ICD-10-CM Changes – October 2016 by Margaret M. Maley, BSN, MS A systematic look at the code update in orthopaedics The 2,000 new ICD-10-CM (International Classification of Diseases, 10th edition, Clinical Modification) codes that go into effect Oct. 1, 2016, shouldn’t send you into a panic. The changes, when analyzed and approached...


Spine Practices May Lose Money When They Do Not Bill for Consults

Healio- October 2016 by Kim Pollock, RN, MBA, CPC, CMDP and Teri Romano, BSN, MBA, CPC, CMDP Medicare eliminated payment for consultations in 2010, which resulted in significant revenue losses for spine surgeons and all specialists. All office consultations for Medicare patients became a new or established patient, or an emergency department visit if the...

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