Month: December 2016


An Office Visit and an Injection. Can I Bill Both with a Modifier 25?

A colleague informed me that billing an office visit every time I give a patient an injection can lead to an audit. I also read a recent article where an orthopedic practice had to pay back millions of dollars partially for this reason. I typically bill an established patient visit with an injection, but I always add a 25 modifier on the visit. Does that mean I am safe from an audit?


7 Golden Rules for Reducing Hip Arthroscopy Denials

AAOS Now – December 2016 by Michael R. Marks, MD, MBA If a constant stream of denials for hip arthroscopy procedures frustrates you, know that you are not alone. These denials are a common source of angst for physicians. The good news is, if you know how to avoid common coding pitfalls, document correctly, and...

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