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What’s new for spine diagnosis coding (ICD-10-CM).

What’s new for spine procedural coding (CPT) including:

  • Deletion of +22851 (intervertebral device) and replacement with 3 new codes including CMS RVU and collections impact.
  • Deletion of a spine fracture code.
  • Clarification of terms such as percutaneous, endoscopic and open.
  • Changes to spinal steroid injection codes 62310-62311, 62318-62319.

Kim discusses some common spine procedure coding conundrums including:

  • What’s the difference between 63047 and 63030.
  • The latest on billing a decompression code with an interbody fusion code (22630, 22633).


Kim Pollock, RN, MBA, CPC, CMDP
Consultant and Speaker

She understands what you need to know and will deliver the plastic surgery specific information you must have to successfully document in ICD-10-CM!

Kim is a nationally recognized coding expert. Her energetic and engaging teaching style makes her a sought-after educator, trainer and speaker. Her nursing background provides her with the ability to understand both the clinic and coding attributes of a procedure. She is an expert in analyzing chart documentation and in reengineering practices to enhance the reimbursement process. Kim has worked with small and large as well as private and academic and employed practices to provide coding education as well as performed documentation reviews.

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Consultant and Speaker

2017 Spine Surgery Webinar
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