Month: March 2017


Scribe Question

In my office, we use a PA as a scribe for new patient office visits for our doctors. We have an electronic medical record and the scribe signs in under her own name when she begins notating for the doctor. What is the correct way to notate in the medical record that the PA is only acting as a scribe and not performing the service personally?


Modifier 59 or not for Medicare? (Response)

I read with interest your coding coach related to the following scenario: The surgeon documented a right shoulder injection with US guidance (CPT code 20611) and a left knee injection without US guidance (20610). Your explanation of when to use the RT/LT and explanation of why modifiers 50, 59 and 76 were incorrect was fantastic. But of course, I have a question about another scenario. What if the surgeon documented the same procedures but the shoulder and knee injections were on the same side? We love receiving the coding coaches and fantastic information that is provided.

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