Month: June 2017


Closure After Moh’s Surgery

I did the closure for a patient’s left ear defect after the Moh’s surgeon excised the basal cell carcinoma at the same operative session. I had to remove a little devitalized tissue before closing the wound with a full thickness graft. Can I code both 15260 (full thickness graft) and 11043 (wound debridement)?


Scraping the Vertebral Endplates

Our spine surgeon recently attended a presentation (not KZA’s which is why I’m questioning the advice!). He said the spine surgeon speaker advised that he could bill a corpectomy code if he documented "scraping or smoothing of vertebral endplates." He told me we had missed out on a lot of reimbursement because I was coding these as a traditional anterior cervical decompression/discectomy and fusion (ACDF) procedure. Was I wrong in how I coded these procedures, and if yes, should I go back and submit a corrected claim?


Aneurysm of Ulnar Artery

Our hand surgeon recently took a patient to surgery for what he thought was a cyst in the forearm. After making his incision and exploring the area, the surgeon found an aneurysm in the ulnar artery. He resected the aneurysm and repaired the defect with a vein graft harvested from the arm. We could not find a code for this in the musculoskeletal section of CPT.

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