Month: June 2017


Wound Debridement

My doctor’s operative note said he did a wound debridement of an ankle non-pressure ulcer (the patient is diabetic) “down to the muscle”. He wants to use 11043 (debridement including muscle) and I say it is 11042 (debridement of subcutaneous tissue). What do you think?


Multiple Fractures: One code or multiple?

Our new hand surgeon evaluated a patient with a base of the fifth metacarpal fracture and distal radius fracture. Both fractures were non displaced and the hand surgeon applied a short arm cast. The hand surgeon submitted two CPT codes, one for the metacarpal fracture and one for the distal radius fracture. We told the surgeon that only one CPT code may be reported because a single cast was applied. The surgeon is in total disagreement and asked we reach out to KZA. Who is right?


Medicare Sharpens Focus on the Global Surgical Package

Medicare Sharpens Focus on the Global Surgical Package – June 2017 by Margaret M. Maley, BSN, MS The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has expressed concern that services with 10- and 90-day postoperative periods are not valued accurately, and follow-up visits included in the value of the global services are not consistently being...

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