Additional Level Laminectomy for Spinal Cord Stimulator Electrode Placement


February 20, 2014


The spinal cord stimulator rep told my neurosurgeon to also bill 63003 (thoracic laminectomy, 1-2 segments) or 63005 (lumbar laminectomy, 1-2 segments) when he does an additional level laminectomy to place the spinal cord stimulator electrode. He says sometimes an additional level laminectomy is necessary for the electrode placement. What do you think about the rep’s advice to report 63003 with 63655 (laminectomy for spinal cord stimulator electrode placement)?


The code, 63655, includes all levels of laminectomy required to place the electrodes/paddle. It is not appropriate to also report 63003 or any other laminectomy code in your scenario.