Practice Evaluation

Designed especially for the aesthetic surgeon.

Aesthetic Surgeons Have Unique Needs

We know because we’ve advised thousands of them over the last three decades.

KZA recognizes that aesthetic surgeons have marketing, patient experience, and operational issues that are quite different than their non-aesthetic colleagues.

That’s why our service combines an assessment of core business elements such as financial systems, management reports, human resource policies and the use of automation – with an evaluation of consultation flow, patient experience, marketing and sales elements, and medispa services too.

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KZA’s Practice Evaluation for Aesthetic Surgeons is highly customized and includes a review of the following:

All aspects of the cosmetic consultation process

Evaluation of phone procedures and phone/Internet lead follow up

Role and procedures of the patient care coordinator

Assessment of marketing materials, fee quotes, letters

Processes and service elements for non-surgical services

Financial management and cash controls

Assessment of on-site and online patient experience points

Practice management system usage and report generation

Human resources policies and staffing issues

Marketing and practice building

Remote Report Review

Add business rigor to your decision-making.

Do you find yourself making business decisions that you hope will work but that aren’t based on real data?

You are not alone. Many aesthetic surgeons let hunches drive their business decisions, only to be disappointed with the results.

Our Remote Report Review is a cost effective way to help aesthetic practices analyze key reports and prioritize the most pressing issues or decisions at hand.

We request the right background information and a series of reports that enable us to diagnose your biggest business challenges. After we complete the review, we discuss it with you by phone, Skype, or GoToMeeting.

The Remote Report Review is $999 and does not require travel expenses.

It’s so cost effective that we are frequently engaged quarterly or bi-annually by aesthetic clients who desire regular guidance and analysis without the disruption of an on-site visit.

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Practice Start Up

Leave the details and timeline to KZA.

Opening a new practice is exciting and stressful at the same time.

We get it because we’ve helped more than 50 plastic surgeons open their practices.

A KZA consultant acts as the project or implementation manger to ensure every detail gets done. To keep things on track and on task we use a comprehensive, implementation checklist and timeline for completing it.

Plan on a weekly or bi-weekly conference call (or video conference) to touch base with your consultant to discuss the status of each outstanding item. We’ll guide you through the process and offer practical advice on how to achieve the tasks at hand.

The cost for this service varies depending on where you are in the start-up timeline, and your practice’s specific needs. Staff recruitment services are available for an additional fee.

Lets Get Started!

Our Practice Start Up service eases your burden by providing the services we know you need, such as:

Advise on architectural plans for optimal patient flow

Assist in the selection of practice management and EHR systems

Oversee proper set up of practice management system categories for effective data tracking and reporting

Provide business input to leases and contracts (non-legal review)

Review medical and office equipment lists and bids

Oversee or facilitating credentialing

Develop a staffing plan and salary ranges

Develop employee job descriptions

Provide feedback on Web site content and marketing plans

Prepare financial policies and operational procedures

Develop the fee schedule

Coordinate development of practice forms, patient education material, and fee quotes

Staff Recruitment

Avoid costly hiring mistakes.

Spend your time in the O.R. Not writing ads or sorting through resumes!

KZA has hired hundreds of patient care coordinators and staff. After we understand your practice needs and culture, we create or update the job description, write/place an ad, review resumes, and conduct initial interviews by phone and/or Skype or GoToMeeting.

The surgeon and/or practice leaders job is to interview final candidates and ensure background and reference checks are completed. We even provide compensation package recommendations and draft the offer letter.

Unlike a recruitment firm, KZA understands the skills and polish required for an employee to be effective and productive in an aesthetic practice. We know how to evaluate for these and find the right fit.

Lets Get Started!

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