All Work (RVUs) and No Pay?: Eight Questions to Ask the Hospital about Its Work RVU Compensation Formula

cover_GB_JanFeb2013_AllWorkRVUs_SWGreenbranch – January-February 2013
by Sarah Wiskerchen, MBA, CPC

As more surgeons and specialists are offered hospital employment, work RVU-based compensation agreements are becoming more sophisticated and
complex. In order to have a meaningful conversation with health system administrators and ensure that a compensation agreement addresses all issues pertinent to the physician’s practice and specialty, physicians must familiarize themselves with the nuances of work RVU-based compensation formulas, as well as the national benchmarking standards, CPT guidelines, and reimbursement rules that impact them. The eight questions developed for this article are the result of reviewing multiple compensation agreements between physicians and hospitals and can help physicians drive the conversation with health system administrators. Engaging the services of a healthcare attorney or physician compensation expert for these conversations is advised.

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