Arch Aortogram and Cerebral Arteriography



I listened to the webinar you did on the 2013 CPT Update for Neurosurgery – that was very helpful! My doctor always says he did an arch aortogram when he does a cerebral arteriogram. Can I bill the new arch aortogram code, 36221, with the cerebral arteriography codes such as 36224 and 36226?


Glad you thought the webinar was beneficial! While it was a quiet year for general neurosurgery code changes (thankfully!), there were major changes for neuroendovascular procedure coding. Hopefully you have purchased the updated GPS for Neuroendovascular Coding that includes all the 2013 code changes. You get a discount on the product since you also purchased the webinar.

To answer your question, no, you may not report 36221 with the other codes. CPT 36221 is for a non-selective catheterization and study and is included in the other selective catheterization codes (e.g., 36222-36228).