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How to Hire a Superstar Scribe

Healio ⋅ Orthopedics Today – July 2018 by Cheryl Toth, MBA If you have you been thinking about hiring a scribe to handle your electronic health record data entry, then you are not alone. More physicians are hiring scribes to reduce administrative overload. Physicians who use them report improved quality of life, clinic efficiency and...


8 Effective Hiring Questions

8 Effective Hiring Questions Healio ⋅ Orthopedics Today – November 2017 by Cheryl Toth, MBA Technical skills and job experience are important considerations when you’re interviewing for new staff, but as a colleague once said to me, “You can’t train for ‘nice.'” In other words, there are some characteristics a candidate either has or doesn’t. Determining...


Setting Up Your New Physician for Success

The American Journal of Orthopedics – September/October 2016 by Cheryl Toth, MBA Practices and hospitals invest significant time and money in recruiting a new physician. From phone interviews to site visits to contract negotiations, it’s a long and involved process. Beyond setting up a new physician’s office and appointment schedule, completing human resources paperwork, and...


New Physician Onboarding Checklist

New Physician Onboarding Checklist by Cheryl Toth, MBA Use this checklist to manage the orientation and onboarding activities for each new physician you hire. Ask for regular status updates – especially about the credentialing process. Items listed in each section are not necessarily in chronological order. Download Checklist


Dealing With a Patient’s Fear of Scars

White Paper – Winter 2016 by Cheryl Toth, MBA In 15 years of asking more than 2,000 patient care coordinators about the non-financial reasons patients don’t schedule surgery, fear of scarring is consistently ranked as reason number four.1 In fact, it just may be a clandestine objection that’s keeping your patient acceptance rate (PAR) from...


The Only Safe SMS Texting Is No SMS Texting

Greenbranch – Nov/Dec 2015 by Cheryl Toth, MBA, and Michael J. Sacopulos, JD Many physicians and practice staff use short messaging service (SMS) text messaging to communicate with patients. But SMS text messaging is unencrypted, insecure, and does not meet HIPAA requirements. In addition, the short and abbreviated nature of text messages creates opportunities for misinterpretation,...


The Cure for Soaring Patient Receivables: 8 Best Practices for Point of Service Collections and Payment Plans

KarenZupko & Associates Inc. – September 2015 by Cheryl Toth, MBA Patient deductibles and financial responsibilities are skyrocketing. According to a 2014 survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 80% of all workers now have annual deductibles, and the average deductible amount has doubled over the last eight years. The study showed that today’s annual deductibles...

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