Boomers: Demographic Good News for Plastic Surgeons

ASNSpring 2011Aesthetic Society News – Spring 2011
by Karen Zupko and Sheila Hall, MS, MBA

The first wave of Baby Boomers turns 65 at about 7,000 people a day in 2011. Don’t miss this opportunity. Practices stuck on stereotypes and bogged down by ageism, with websites almost exclusively featuring models in their 20s and 30s clad in Cosmo fashions and sporting looks that alienate affluent 50- or 60-year-old prospective patients are a Boomer turn-off. Practices that continue marketing only to credit-challenged youths are unlikely to fill their surgery schedules. Meanwhile, a swelling population of people intent on looking youthful, that acts younger than their actual age, are savvy about financial planning, and who intend to keep working, sound like ideal customers for plastic surgeons.

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