Calculating Size for Codes


I’m new to coding. My doctor and I have a disagreement on how to calculate the size for the adjacent tissue transfer codes (140xxx). The doctor says there was a 16.5 cm by 7 cm wound that he did an adjacent tissue transfer to close. I think I should use a code for a 23.5 square centimeter code because 16.5 plus 7 equals 23.5. My physician said we are to multiply the numbers so it would be 115.5 square centimeters. Who is right?

Your physician is right. Area is measured in square centimeters and obtained by multiplying the length times the width of the wound. You will use CPT 14301 for the first 60 square centimeters (sq cm), add-on code 14302 for the next 30 sq cm and +14302-59 for the remaining 25.5 sq cm. Alternatively, you may report 14301 and 14302 x 2 units if you know that the payor will recognize more than 1 in the units box and reimburse the appropriate amount.