Demographic Good News for Plastic Surgeons


Boomers Handout_6-5-13.inddCareCredit – June 2013
by Karen Zupko and Arielle Nelson, MFA

Baby boomers are set to control 70% of disposable income in the United States over the next 5 years. They are also in line to inherit a staggering $15 trillion in the next 20 years. So, why aren’t you catering to these prime consumers?

Some practices are stuck on stereotypes and bogged down by ageism; their websites almost exclusively feature models in their 20s and 30s dressed in Cosmo fashions and sporting looks that are unappealing to affluent 50- or 60-year-old prospective patients. Practices that continue to only market to credit-challenged youths will find it challenging to fill their surgery schedules.

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