Five Ways to Ensure Secure Text Messaging In Your Medical Practice


cover_PP_Aug2014_FiveWaystoEnsureSecureText_CTPhysicians Practice – August 2014
by Cheryl Toth, MBA

Texting is to this decade what e-mail was to the last. It’s the “killer app” that people of all ages and demographics love. In fact, it’s so endeared and easy to use that we regularly see physicians and staff sending text messages to patients, without recognizing or mitigating the risk. It’s the rare practice that has developed text usage policies and procedures, or encrypted the mobile devices of physicians and staff.

Understand this: Standard “SMS” (Short Message Service) texting is not encrypted or secure. It’s not HIPAA compliant. Without taking proper precautions, texting with patients puts your practice at risk for data breaches, security hacks, and HIPAA violations.

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