Image Guidance with CVC Insertion


July 25, 2013


Our surgeon recently attended a coding course presented by Mary LeGrand for the College of Surgeons. Upon returning to our office, the surgeon informed us that we can report a CPT code for image guidance when he places a central line. He showed me the codes in the book. I just want to make sure that I am reading the information correctly as I have never coded the image guidance separately. I assume the radiologist would report these codes.


Kudos to your surgeon for attending the course and sharing information learned in the course. The surgeon is correct if the surgeon is placing the CVC with fluoroscopic or ultrasound guidance. Both of the codes 77001 and 76937, are considered to be “real time” procedures thus are reportable by the surgeon when performed and the appropriate documentation is present. Please make sure to append Modifier 26, professional component only as the hospital will report the technical services.