In-Office Audiology Diagnostic Testing On An Inpatient


January 9, 2014


We were asked to do an audiogram on a Medicare inpatient. The hospital does not have a booth so the patient was transported by wheelchair to our private practice office for testing. What place of service code should we use – inpatient or office?


Good question. Medicare released new information about this in October 2012 and said you must use the place-of-service code that reflects the patient’s inpatient status. Therefore, you will use POS 21 (inpatient hospital). Here is the direction from the MedLearn Matters #7631 dated October 11, 2012 which was effective April 1, 2013:

“Special Considerations for Services Furnished to Registered Inpatients When a physician/practitioner furnishes services to a registered inpatient, payment is made under the PFS at the facility rate. To that end, a physician/practitioner/supplier furnishing services to a patient who is a registered inpatient, will, at a minimum, report the inpatient hospital POS code 21 irrespective of the setting where the patient actually receives the face-to-face encounter.”