Intraoperative Angiography During Microvascular Flap Surgery



I am doing this new thing during my microvascular free flap procedures where I do intraoperative fluorescent angiography (Spy) to evaluate tissue perfusion prior to closing the wound. I’m told I can bill CPT 15860 intravenous injection of agent (e.g., fluorescein) for this in addition to the microvascular free flap code. I’ve tried billing it the last couple of times but I can’t get the insurance company to pay for it. Please help.


Anything you need to do to test the vascular flow in flap such as using a Doppler, tissue oximetry, or injecting fluorescein is included in the code for the primary procedure. Checking tissue perfusion and vascular flow is an inherent part of doing a microvascular free flap and not a separately billable procedure.