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2017 Update for
Vascular Surgery

Teri Romano, BSN, MBA, CPC, CMDP
Consultant and Speaker

Vascular coding just got a lot more complicated! Interventions of AV grafts/fistulas, which were completely revised in 2010, have once again undergone a complete overhaul for 2017. Now referred to as the “Dialysis Circuit,” the codes are further bundled. Now specific codes for dialysis circuit angioplasty and stenting debut in 2017. This information-packed webinar will explain these complicated codes. And there’s more!


  •  Describe the key changes in coding dialysis circuit interventions.
  •  Identify the appropriate CPT code(s) for venous mechanochemical ablation.
  •  Discuss the use of the revised arterial and venous transluminal angioplasty codes.
  •  Summarize embolization changes for 2017.
  • Vascular surgeons
  • General surgeon who treat vascular conditions
  • Interventional radiologists
  • Coders and billing staff

Here’s What You’ll Learn to Code Correctly and Get Paid!

  • Nine new dialysis circuit codes – How to use them correctly. How the change impacts RVU and reimbursements, including:
  1. Dialysis circuit imaging: what’s included (arterial and venous)
  2. New codes for angioplasty, stenting, and thrombectomy
  3. Defining and understanding central vs. peripheral segment
  4. What about stenting with open revisions?
  • Use of the four new arterial and venous angioplasty codes. Can stenting be reported on the same vessel? Are these codes used for angioplasty of an AV graft/fistula? Can we report diagnostic angiograms with these codes? What about catheterizations?
  • How to use the new mechanochemical ablation codes. How do they compare to the RFA and laser ablation codes? What about reimbursement?
  • Reporting moderate sedation in vascular interventions, which is no longer included (or paid), so how do you report and get reimbursed if you provide moderate sedation?
*You will have access to the content for 30 days from the time you receive the access information. Please email if you have questions.

Teri will illustrate reporting changes due to new code introduction.

As a faculty member on the national SVS coding courses, Teri works directly with the CPT advisors on vascular coding and provides accurate coding advice from the official source, as well as information on coding changes that are in the works.


Teri Romano, BSN, MBA, CPC CMDP
Consultant and Speaker

Teri Romano has over twenty-five years of consulting and teaching experience in the health care field. Ms. Romano works with physician groups and hospitals combining a background in clinical systems with solid approaches to operational and organizational problem solving.

Teri is co-developer and instructor for the national coding and reimbursement workshops sponsored by the American College of Surgeons, the Society for Vascular Surgery and the American Association of Neurological Surgeons. She also provides on-site customized coding and reimbursement courses to physician and hospital groups, specializing in neurosurgery, general surgery, vascular surgery, and vein well as E/M and surgical case audits to assist physician groups in their compliance activities. In addition, she consults with vein, vascular, general surgical, and neurosurgical practices on practice management issues including service line development, revenue enhancement, staffing models, appeals management and expense reduction.

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Consultant and Speaker

2017 Vascular Surgery Webinar
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