April 25, 2019

My surgeon did a C2-C7 laminoplasty and reconstructed with mini-plates. What code should I use? 

This procedure is reported using CPT 63051 (Laminoplasty, cervical, with decompression of the spinal cord, 2 or more vertebral segments; with reconstruction of the posterior bony elements (including the application of bridging bone graft and non-segmental fixation devices (e.g., wire, suture, mini-plates), when performed). CPT 63051 includes all levels of laminectomy required for the laminoplasty. It is not accurate to also bill a laminectomy code, such as 63001 or 63015, for procedures at the same level(s). CPT 63051 also includes placement of any instrumentation, such as the mini-plates, and fusion work performed at the same level, so do not also report an instrumentation code like 22842, or a fusion code such as 22600, 22614.

*This response is based on the best information available as of 4/25/19.

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