Dear Colleague,

Every day as we see and treat patients, we are called upon to make decisions regarding documentation, coding and billing to be reimbursed for our work. This requires a working knowledge of coding and the business aspects of medical practice. The AAOS/Karen Zupko & Associates practice management and coding courses provide this core knowledge. The courses are relevant and in-depth, and the quality is unmatched. The content is updated every year to stay abreast of the constantly changing coding and reimbursement landscape. Orthopaedic surgeons, nurses, physicians’ assistants, practice executives, and coding staff are able to apply lessons learned in practice as a result of attending AAOS/Zupko courses. The faculty presents strategies for improving practice revenue and procedural and diagnostic coding skills. The content is accurate and the faculty recommendations are thoroughly referenced. The Zupko faculty work closely with the Academy’s Coding, Coverage and Reimbursement Committee to ensure relevance and consistency of coding recommendations. I regularly attend Zupko programs each year regarding practice management and coding updates. Getting paid relies on the ability to make good business decisions and correctly code. AAOS/Zupko courses cover every section of CPT coding for orthopedic practices. These workshops cater to specific practice needs, giving you the choice to attend both a revenue optimization course and vital ICD-10 updates, specific to orthopaedics. You can’t afford to miss these crucial and timely training opportunities.

Daniel Nagle, MD
AAOS Coding, Coverage and Reimbursement Committee Chair