Administrator Recruitment and Onboarding

KZA can find the best fit for your organization.

Managing a physician practice is fast-paced and complex. Effective leadership requires the right skills, emotional intelligence, and “fit.” Finding the right leader takes time and hiring expertise.

Yet, most physicians don’t have much of either, which increases the risk of hiring the wrong person for the job.

KZA reduces the risk of costly bad hire. We’ve recruited hundreds of practice leaders. We can find the best fit for your organization.

Unlike recruiters, KZA consultants have practice management expertise, specialty-specific knowledge, hiring and training skills, and coaching abilities. We take the time to understand your operations and physician culture. Our experience with thousands of practices enables us to identify candidates who have what it takes to be effective practice leaders.

And we can support the practice by developing performance goals, providing initial training, and supporting the new practice leader with resources, direction, and coaching.

How It Works

  • Interview¬† physicians
  • Conduct a site assessment*
  • Refine job description
  • Tap network, place ads
  • Screen candidates
  • Arrange for background checks
  • Administer workstyle assessment (DISC)
  • YOU conduct 2-3 face to face interviews
  • YOU conduct reference checks
  • Collaborate to write offer letter
  • Candidate accepts
  • KZA leads onboarding (30 days)
  • KZA maintains contact and coaches new leader (90-120 days)

*If you are not already a KZA client, we arrange a visit to review operations. This is essential to ensuring we find a candidate who fits your practice’s needs and culture.

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