Nasal Fracture Repair vs. Rhinoplasty


I did an open treatment of a nasal fracture repair and septoplasty on a patient who was in a bar fight two years ago on spring break and had his nose broken. He now has nasal airway obstruction and deviated nasal septum as well as displaced nasal bones. I billed 21335 (Open treatment of nasal fracture; with concomitant open treatment of fractured septum) but the insurance company denied it. Did I do something wrong or should I appeal it by sending in pictures?

The nasal fracture treatment codes (e.g., 21310-21337) are to be used when you are treating an acute fracture, not an old or healed fracture. The rhinoplasty codes (e.g., 30420) are more appropriate when you are treating a healed fracture. You can try to appeal the denial but we suspect the insurance company will not pay for the procedure because they consider it to be “cosmetic.”