New Stent Codes 2014: Are They Bundled?



I heard the stent code 37205 has been deleted in 2014 and that the new codes are bundled. Can you explain the new codes?


You are correct; the non-lower extremity stent codes (37205 and +37206 transcatheter) and 37207 (open) have been deleted in 2014. They have been replaced with 4 new codes: 2 for artery and 2 for vein. The arterial codes (37236 first vessel, 37237 each additional vessel) encompass both percutaneous and open, and include all radiological S & I and any angioplasty in the same vessel. The venous codes (37238 first vessel and 37239 each additional vessel) also include all S & I and angioplasty. Diagnostic angiography is still separately reported if appropriate.