No ICD-10 Immunity for Aesthetic Surgeons: Why & How to Prepare Now


Layout 1Aesthetic Society News – Fall 2013
by Karen Zupko

“ICD-10 is not a priority for us. Our patients are almost all aesthetic.”

This is what the manager of an aesthetic practice told me during a recent client visit. Like Scarlett O’Hara, she mistakenly thought the practice could put ICD-10 planning off until next year.

She isn’t alone. Over the last several months I’ve worked with multiple practices and have been surprised at the lack of understanding about the wide-reaching effects of ICD-10. No one in these practices was aware that a new national claim form (the 02/12 1500) was launching in January to accommodate the coming ICD-10 codes. No one knew ICD-10 would be required to obtain prior approvals. And no one had visited payor sites for updates and deadlines.

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