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E/M, NPP, Office Procedures, and Radiology Essentials for CPT and ICD-10-CM


*agenda subject to change

12:00PM - 1:00PM


15 minutes

Medical Necessity 

What payors know and how they use it to deny or recapture payments

  • Just because it is in the note, doesn’t mean it was necessary to make a diagnosis or treat a problem!
  • Will Medical Necessity change in 2021? UPDATE!

15 minutes

ICD-10-CM Overview

  • Discover how your documentation impacts the diagnosis codes reported.
  • Not everything on the problem list automatically relates to all services.
  • Should the diagnosis begin with S or M? What’s the difference and why it’s important.

1 hour 30 minutes

E/M Category and Levels of Service

  • 2020 CPT E/M Codes new and revised
  • 2021 CPT E/M updates The most significant change to E/M reporting in the past 20 years is on the horizon.
  • Category of E/M service
  • Level of service documentation
    • History, Exam, Medical Decision Making
    • Note annotation

3:00PM - 3:15PM


30 minutes

E/M Case Reviews

  • 2020 vs. 2021 comparisons NEW!
  • Medical Decision Making & Time

30 minutes

E/M Modifiers 24, 57, 25

  • Modifier 25 with E/M services and joint injections
  • Prevent denials with good documentation.
  • When shouldn’t E/M services and procedures be reported together?
  • Appeal strategies for E/M and office procedures

15 minutes

Radiology NEW!

  • Does your radiology interpretation stand up to scrutiny?
  • Understand requirements for reporting a global X-ray service vs. taking medical decision-making points.
  • Where does this fit into “time” for visits in 2021?

30 minutes

PA and NP Billing for Medicare NEW!

  • Define “incident to”, split/shared, and direct reporting.
  • 2021 CPT addresses split/shared for the first time.
  • Differentiate billing options for office and hospital places of service.
  • Tools for tracking payor use of these reporting options



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