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Rock Star Revenue Cycle

Has your revenue cycle team achieved rock star status? Have you recently examined the steps in your revenue cycle? This workshop shows you how to see the revenue cycle through the eyes of a consultant, examine the pitfalls commonly seen in orthopaedic practices/departments, and how to avoid them. This session is fast paced and interactive, and it explores case studies of successful, high-functioning revenue cycle teams and how to incorporate those principles into your practice.

  • A fresh approach to improving the performance of your revenue cycle
  • Perspectives from the field” – KZA  consultants share their newest solutions to problems you likely have
  • Field tested advice:  KZA will share our  before and after success stories
  • A more interactive approach–  we’ll examine case studies
  • Physicians (Employed* and in Private Practice)
  • Billing Managers
  • Billing Staff
  • Revenue Cycle Directors
  • Administrators

*Employed physicians:

High productivity isn’t everything—your employer must get paid for services in order to support your salary. Savvy, employed orthopaedic surgeons routinely review billing office reports and keep abreast of payment issues. This workshop shows you how.

Coding and billing professionals will find that this session sharpens their overall understanding of and ability to advance the practice’s financial improvement. Every member of the team will benefit from an expanded understanding of how the revenue cycle should function as a whole. What would a 10% improvement mean to your bottom line?

  • Develop a work plan that reduces A/R in 90 days.
  • Identify workflow improvements that will speed up the revenue cycle.
  • Create productivity standards for the revenue cycle team.
  • Craft a strategy to avoid common denials.

2020 AAPC Accreditation

Accreditation pending.


Power Coding in the Office

With an eye to the horizon, our Friday focus will be on E/M coding principles for 2020 as we prepare for sweeping CPT and CMS E/M changes for 2021. Honing in on the elements of medical decision making and time, we will contrast and compare correct E/M coding for 2020 vs. 2021. You will leave with knowledge of medical necessity and its relationship to strong ICD-10-CM coding.

We will also update your knowledge of non-physician provider coding to include CPT’s first-ever mention of shared/split coding and illuminate key components of in-office radiology coding and documentation. You’ll leave equipped to handle E/M modifiers as well as appeal strategies for office procedures.

  • How medical necessity will change in 2021
  • 2021 CPT E/M updates—The most significant change to E/M reporting in the past 20 years! Prepare now!
  • E/M case reviews
    • 2020 vs. 2021 comparisons
    • Medical decision making and time
  • Radiology
    • Where does this fit into “time” for visits in 2021?
  • PA and NP billing for Medicare
    • Define incident-to, split/shared, and direct reporting.
    • 2021 CPT addresses split/shared for the first time.
    • Tools for tracking payor use of these reporting options.
  • Physicians (Employed, Private Practice, and Academic)
  • Non-Physician Providers
  • Coders
  • Billing Managers
  • Identify key CMS and CPT 2021 E/M updated requirements.
  • Define the connection between medical necessity and ICD-10-CM.
  • Differentiate incident-to and split/shared reporting for NPPs.
  • Apply E/M modifiers accurately.
  • Identify documentation supporting the use of an acute injury ICD-10-CM code.
  • Describe when it is appropriate to report an E/M service in addition to a joint injection.

2020 AAPC Accreditation 

Accreditation pending.


2020 CME Credit for Physicians

CME applied for.


Power Coding in the ER and OR

On Saturday, we’ll continue our extended coverage of subspecialty coding content and case exercises to boost your confidence in common orthopaedic scenarios. Learn to apply surgical modifiers to protect reimbursement and appropriately differentiate CPT rules from Medicare NCCI edits and guidelines. You’ll leave with awareness of reimbursement methodologies for bundled payment, including the importance of Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCCs) and their relationship to comorbidities, and, of course, with the latest 2020 code changes and NCCI updates.

  •  CPT and NCCI for 2020—What’s new or changed
  • Hierarchical Condition Categories and comorbidities
    • What’s the connection and why are they important?
    • How are HCCs used in bundled payment contracting?
  • Surgical concepts expanded to 3+ hours with updated scenarios
    • New and more exercises which combine CPT and ICD-10-CM
  • Physicians (Employed, Private Practice, and Academic)
  • Non-Physician Providers
  • Coders
  • Billing Managers
  • Use new CPT codes for total joint arthroplasty following infection.
  • Summarize the connection between documenting and coding relevant comorbidities and Hierarchical Condition Categories and how they are both used in bundled and value-based payment contracting.
  • Differentiate AAOS Global Service Guidelines from NCCI guidelines for Medicare.
  • Apply surgical modifiers correctly to prevent denials.
  • Identify how restorative care is defined and how it impacts fracture code selection.
  • Demonstrate surgical coding comprehension through new practice exercises.

2020 AAPC Accreditation 

Accreditation pending.


2020 CME Credit for Physicians

CME applied for. 


single course

Friday AM

Robust Rock Star Revenue Cycle

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Friday PM

Power Coding in the Office

$695/AAOS member



Power Coding in the ER and OR

$925/AAOS member


combined courses

Combo 1

Friday AM + Saturday

$1,125/AAOS member


Combo 2

Friday PM + Saturday

$1,325/AAOS member


Combo 3

All Three Courses

$1,595/AAOS member



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