Power Up Your Interventional Pain Coding


*agenda subject to change

7:15AM — 8:00AM

Check-in and Breakfast (provided)

45 minutes

Overview of Pain Coding and Reimbursement

  • Risk areas for Coding
    • Who is looking at your coding and documentation?
    • Medical Necessity: the source of most denials
    • Limit risks of using an Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  • Coding vs. Reimbursement: How do they differ and how does this impact coding?
  • Medicare Update: 2020
  • Bundling and CCI Edits: What they are, how they impact multiple procedures in pain coding, and how to correctly override a CCI Edit.

1 hour 15 minutes

Coverage Policies and the Interventional Pain Physician

  • Medicare Policies: NCDs and LCDs in Pain Care: What you need to know, where to find the policies and how they impact reimbursement.
  • Private payor coverage policies in pain care

The Global Period and Use of Modifiers

  • The Global Period
    • Reporting post-op visits to Medicare
  • Modifiers:
    • Avoiding Overuse and Misuse of Modifier 25: Can an E/M be billed on the same day as an injection or other procedure? What documentation is needed?
    • Modifier 50 (bilateral procedure)
    • Modifier 51 (multiple procedure)
    • Modifier 59 (Distinct Procedural Service)
    • Using the X modifiers.

10:00AM – 10:15AM


1 hour 15 minutes

Guidance and Diagnostic Imaging in Pain procedures

Interventional Pain Procedure Coding

  • Carpal tunnel injections
  • Tendon injections
  • Trigger point injections
  • Prolotherapy: is it billable? New!
  • SI joint injections
  • 2020 Update: Radiofrequency, Neurotomy, Sacroiliac Joint
  • Case Scenarios

11:30aM – 12:30PM

Lunch (provided)

1 hour 30 minutes

Procedure Coding (continued)

  • Joint and bursa injections
  • Nerve injections: Somatic and Autonomic New!
  • Coding for TAP blocks New!
  • 2020 Update: Genicular nerve injections and RFA
  • Chemodenervation: Nerves
  • 2020 Update: Understanding Cryoneurolysis
  • Interventional Spine Procedures
    • Epidural injections: intralaminar and transforaminal
    • Medial branch blocks
    • Neurolysis, spine
    • Hardware blocks
  • Neurostimulators: Spinal and peripheral
    • Trial placement
    • Ongoing programming
  • Spinal pumps: Placement, reprogramming, refilling
  • Baclofen pain trials
  • Pump maintenance
  • Case Scenarios

2:00PM – 2:15PM


30 minutes

Diagnosis ICD-10-CM Coding for Pain

  • Coding Guidelines for Pain
    • Acute versus chronic
    • Codes for common pain conditions
    • Case Scenarios

1 hour

Evaluation and Management Changes 2021 and Beyond? New!

Evaluation and Management Overview 2020 Update

  • Levels of E/M Codes
    • Documentation dos and don’ts for history
    • History
    • Documentation dos and don’ts for exam
    • Examination
    • Documentation dos and don’ts for Medical Decision Making
    • Medical Decision Making
  • E/M Modifiers
    • Modifiers, 24, 25 and 57
  • CMS Guidelines: Advanced Practitioner Billing
    • Incident to
    • Direct billing
    • Split/Shared
    • 2020 changes
  • Case Studies

15 minutes

Be Audit Ready

  • Steps To Reduce the Chance of Being Audited
  • An Action Agenda If You Are Audited



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