Percutaneous SI Joint Fusion


December 23, 2014


What is the code for this procedure? My neurosurgeon is thinking about doing these and I want to see if our managed care companies will cover it.


Kudos for taking a proactive approach to reimbursement! The current code is a Category III CPT code: 0334T, Sacroiliac joint stabilization for arthrodesis, percutaneous or minimally invasive (indirect visualization), includes obtaining and applying autograft or allograft (structural or morselized), when performed, includes image guidance when performed (e.g., CT or fluoroscopic).

However, a new Category I code will be effective 1/1/15: 27279, Arthrodesis, sacroiliac joint, percutaneous or minimally invasive (indirect visualization), with image guidance, includes obtaining bone graft when performed, and placement of transfixing device. It will be interesting to see if payors now reimburse since the procedure will have a Category I code.

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