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Power Up Your Practice Profits

A fully charged battery creates an electric current of energy to power a device. Similarly, successful aesthetic surgery practices design an energized patient experience that produces a long-lasting connection.

Powered up practices are confident in their value proposition. Powered up staff are prepared to speak assuredly about services, prices, and unique offerings that set them apart from competitors. A powered up consultation is electric; the positive energy and excitement is practically palpable.

In this seven-hour super-charged workshop we’ll show you how to amp up your consultation style and translate more leads into profitable patients. You’ll learn how to recognize buying signals and predict patient acceptance. You’ll discover how anchor pricing influences buying decisions. And, you’ll practice proven tactics for responding to requests for discounts – without giving a discount.

If you implement even half of the principles covered in this course, it is possible to schedule two additional cases a month. Assuming your average professional fee is $5,000, that’s a potential of $120,000 in additional annual revenue – from patients who are already coming in to see you.

You will learn

How to recognize buying signals and predict patient acceptance

Pricing strategies that attract desirable patients

Tactics for dealing with discount and bargain requests

Proven techniques to increase the consult to surgery ratio

"Very good information, upbeat & unscripted."
Linda Naputi, PCC/CPC
Dallas, TX

Fees and registration



January 25

Dallas, TX

Sheraton Dallas by the Galleria

($139) Hotel Cut Off Date - January 7

February 15

Orlando, FL

Wyndham Grand at Bonnet Creek

($194) Hotel Cut Off Date - January 25

March 1

Las Vegas, NV

($239) Hotel Cut Off Date - February 9

March 15

New York, NY

Attendees find & book own hotel rooms

June 21

Portland, OR

Attendees find & book own hotel rooms

August 9

Nashville, TN

($189) Hotel Cut Off Date - July 25

August 23

Chicago, IL

Attendees find & book own hotel rooms

September 20

San Diego, CA

Attendees find & book own hotel rooms

October 4

Atlanta, GA

Attendees find & book own hotel rooms

October 18

Chicago, IL

Attendees find & book own hotel rooms

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"Karen and Amy were very knowledgeable and taught us everything about real life situations that happen in our office. Very relatable!"
Katie Fontenot, Administrator
Dallas, TX
"This workshop overall was amazing!! I had no idea the training it takes to truly know what it takes to run a practice and consult with patients! I look forward to seeing Karen speak more!"
Tiffany Callahan, PCC/Office Manager
Dallas, TX
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