Preventive Screening Services


November 14, 2013


A patient (non Medicare) presented for a screening colonoscopy. During the procedure the surgeon performed a polypectomy with hot forceps. I know I append modifier 33 for screening colonscopy but do I also append to the CPT code when a procedure is performed (45384) and not just a screening procedure? Does KarenZupko & Associates perform audits on colonoscopy and EGD procedures?


Thanks for your questions. First, your question is good and the answer is Yes, append modifier 33 to the colonoscopy CPT code when the patient presents for a screening colonoscopy and the procedure converts to a therapeutic procedure. The modifier is appended when the “intent” of the procedure was screening.

We appreciate your inquiring about audits on colonoscopy and EGD procedures. Mary LeGrand is KZA’s coding expert for both upper GI endoscopy and all lower “oscopy” procedures (e.g. colonoscopy, sigmoidosocopy, proctoscopy, anoscopy).