Background Checks

From employment and salary history to criminal history, an effective background screening report reveals important information about an applicant’s previous experience and behavior. KZA-recommended global screening company Trusted Employees offers employment screening, criminal records searches, employee drug screening, identity checks, and more. Avoid hiring headaches when you take the time to screen potential employees. You…

The Essential Guide to Coding in Otolaryngology Coding, Billing, and Practice Management

The FIRST Coding Book BY Otolaryngologists FOR Otolaryngologists! The Essential Guide to Coding in Otolaryngology: Coding, Billing, and Practice Management details how to properly and compliantly code for both surgical and nonsurgical services. It is a practical guide for all otolaryngologists in the United States and fills the gap in training residents and fellows in…


Orthopaedic Code-X saves you time, reduces errors, and provides quick access to all the data and functions you need to code with confidence. Navigate, translate, and integrate Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) codes, ICD-9 andICD-10 codes, RVUS, Medicare CCI edits, HCPCS, and Global Service Data guidelines with incredible speed, accuracy and ease. To find out more…

E/M Profile Analyzer

Identify Audit Risk and Revenue Opportunity KZA’s E/M Profile Analyzer uses CMS’ most recently published claims database to compare E/M coding patterns against state and national figures for a number of specialties. In addition to the easy-to-use graphical output, the product boasts a Dollar Risk/Opportunity worksheet using your specific locality and carrier information to create…

IZD-10 Injury Guy

The “Injury Guy” is a KZA exclu­sive that allows the user to iden­tify the cat­e­gory (first three char­ac­ters) of all acute/traumatic injuries with­out open­ing the ICD-10 book.

2018 Orthopaedic Flashcards

These flashcards address important orthopaedic comorbid conditions as well as injuries, fractures and other common orthopaedic conditions. They are delivered electronically as a searchable PDF document.


Gain Valuable Insight into Your Staff’s Behavioral Styles ProceptionTM assesses how an individual solves problems and meets challenges, goes about influencing other people, and how he or she responds to the pace of the environment and rules and regulations set by others. Staff members respond to the Style Analysis questionnaire; then ProceptionTM interprets these results through a detailed…


Pre-Employment Screening Can Improve Decision-Making Select is an efficient, cost-effective screening tool that provides objective information about a potential employee, and can also create an objective comparison between candidates during the hiring process. Select measures: Productive Attitude: a positive expectation about people, the company and work-related outcomes. Energy: activity level and stamina. Frustration Tolerance: emotional…