Removal Of Nasal Pack


May 15, 2014


A patient came to the office after being seen in the emergency room with a nasal pack in place. I removed the nasal pack, but can’t figure out how to bill for taking it out. The nasal control codes only seem to be for placement.


There isn’t a code for just removal of a nasal pack. The codes for controlling nasal hemorrhage include the necessary removal of the packs that are placed. Since there isn’t a code for removal only, you will need to report this service with either an Evaluation and Management code (e/m) or CPT 31231 if you performed a nasal endoscopy to further evaluate the nose during the visit. Depending on what occurred during the patient encounter, either of these options might be appropriate to bill for removal of nasal packs.

ICD-9-CM = 784.7 Epistaxis

ICD-10-CM = R04.0 Epistaxis