Selective Debridement of the Skin – How is it coded?



The debridement codes for skin, 11040 and 11041 are no longer in the CPT book. Does that mean debridement of the skin is no longer billable?


The selective debridement codes were revised in 2011. CPT 11040 and 11041, previously used for debridement of partial and full thickness skin respectively, have been deleted. To report selective debridement of the skin, use 97597 and 97598.

New descriptions of the other debridement codes advise reporting 11042 for debridement of subcutaneous tissue, 11043 for muscle and/or fascia, and 11044 for bone. Also new in 2011, these codes are reported by size of debridement and have add-on codes for additional square centimeters debrided. Refer to the CPT Manual for a complete description of the appropriate use of these new/revised codes.