Skin Lesion Removal and Closure



I have a question on lesion removal and closure coding. If two lesions the same size, same diagnosis (e.g., malignant) and same area (e.g., neck) are removed, is the code used twice or are the sizes added together for one code? I have the same question for a repair- same site (per code description), same type of closure (e.g., intermediate) – do we add the lengths together or use the same code twice?


We cover these exact questions in the AAOHNS/KZA coding courses. Report one CPT code for each lesion removed. Use modifier 59 on the second and subsequent same CPT codes. For example, removal of two malignant lesions of the neck each 1.2 cm in diameter are reported using 11642 and 11642-59. Be careful because some payors (including Cahaba Medicare) require the use of modifier 76 rather than 59 in the situation where more than one of the same CPT codes is billed on the same date of service.

For the repair codes, you will sum the repairs for similar types of repairs (e.g., intermediate, complex) in similar anatomic locations (per CPT code). Bottom line is lesion removal codes are never added together but the wound repair codes may be summed.