Ten Key Things Surgeons Need to Know About “Meaningful Use”

cover_ACOS_Aug2014_10KeyThings_CBACOS News – August 2014
Cheyenne Brinson, MBA, CPA

Say the words “meaningful use” to most surgeons, and the response is usually a sigh, groan, mumble, or headshake. As a consultant who has been helping surgical practices implement meaningful use since its inception, I most often have to debunk myths surrounding the EHR Incentive Program. With all due respect to EHR vendors, many of them are trained to present meaningful use to the masses (i.e., all specialties). Surgeons often find themselves as the square peg in a round hole and are led to believe they have to perform tasks to meet objectives that are not clinically relevant. Here are 10 key things you need to know about meaningful use:

1. Reporting —Each physician will report for a minimum of two years under Stage 1 criteria before moving to Stage 2, and then report two years under Stage 2 criteria before moving to Stage 3. The criteria changes between each of the stages, so it’s important to stay abreast of these changes.

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